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We sell all manners of replacement steam mop pads for popular steam mops like Shark Pocket, Shark Euro, H2O, Bissell, Shark Duo, H2O X5 and more!  Below are the available pads we have, contact us for bulk pricing!


Shark Steam Pocket Mop

SHKRCT UPC 719826178977
SHKRCTx2 UPC 719826178984
SHKRCTx3 UPC 719826178991
SHKRCTx4 UPC 719826179004
SHKRCTx5 UPC 719826179011
SHKRCTx6 UPC 719826179028


Shark Euro Pro

SHKPAD UPC 719826176256
SHKPADx2 UPC 055670510366
SHKPADx4 UPC 055670510373
SHKPADx6 UPC 055670510380
SHKPADx8 UPC 719826176263


Shark Pocket Triangular Mop Head

SHKTRI UPC 719826176249
SHKTRIx3 UPC 055670510304
SHKTRIx6 UPC 055670510311


H2O X5

H2OX5x2 UPC 055670510397
H2OX5x3 UPC 055670510403
H2OX5x4 UPC 055670510410
H2OX5x5 UPC 719826174368
H2OX5x6 UPC 055670510427
H2OX5x8 UPC 719826174375
H2OX5x10 UPC 719826174351

shark-pocket-pad-1 copy

Shark Pocket Steam Mop XT3601

SHKXT3601 UPC 719826178755
SHKXT3601x2 UPC 719826178762
SHKXT3601x3 UPC 719826178779
SHKXT3601x4 UPC 719826178786
SHKXT3601x5 UPC 719826178793
SHKXT3601x6 UPC 719826178809


H2O Steam Mop

H2OCLT UPC 719826177192
H2OCLTx2 UPC 791689130002
H2OCLTx4 UPC 791689130019
H2OCLTx6 UPC 055670510267
H2OCLTx10 UPC 055670510274

H2o Chenille

H2O Steam Mop Ultra Absorbant Pad

H2OCHE UPC 719826176218
H2OCHEx3 UPC 055670510298
H2OCHEx5 UPC 055670510281

H2O X5 Coral Chenille Blue Pad

H2O X5 Ultra Absorbant Pad

H2OX5BLUx2 UPC 055670510472
H2OX5BLUx4 UPC 055670510489
H2OX5BLUx6 UPC 055670510496

Bissell Steam Mop Pad

Bissell Steam Mop 1867

BIS1867 UPC 055670510878
BIS1867x2 UPC 055670510885
BIS1867x3 UPC 055670510892
BIS1867x4 UPC 055670510908
BIS1867x5 UPC 055670510915
BIS1867x6 UPC 055670510922


Dirt Devil Steam Mop

DIRTDAD50005 UPC 719826178670
DIRTDAD50005x2 UPC 719826178687
DIRTDAD50005x3 UPC 719826178694
DIRTDAD50005x4 UPC 719826178700
DIRTDAD50005x5 UPC 719826178717
DIRTDAD50005x6 UPC 719826178724
DIRTDAD50005x7 UPC 719826178731

Shark Duo Hardwood

Shark Duo Hardwood Pad

SHKSDUOHRDx2 UPC 719826178892
SHKSDUOHRDx4 UPC 719826178915
SHKSDUOHRDx6 UPC 719826178939
SHKSDUOHRDx8 UPC 719826178953
SHKSDUOHRDx10 UPC 719826178953