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Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply started out in David and Mark Hildbrandt’s garage in 2004.  A humble small business building tattoo machines and tinkering with power supplies.

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Inkstar Tattoo Equipment is the entry level brand of Hildbrandt that is designed for entry level to intermediate artists.

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Clean Co. Home products are designed to make your life easier by delivering high quality daily use products at a great price!

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Pürdent Dental products are excellent quality oral health products that take care of people’s pearly whites by helping to keep them pearly white!


Perpetual Permanent Makeup products are made for micropigmentation, scalp pigmentation and micro blading

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Doreme Pigments are designed for permanent makeup, scalp pigmentation and micro blading applications

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Coveted Cosmetics products consists of cosmetics that are sourced from the same manufacturers as popular brands carried by mainstream stores in the mall

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Auctilliance is our store on Ebay and Amazon. We have more than 12 years experience marketing and selling on these popular merchant sites.